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Theory of Fielding - Set U - Doppelgangers

From: H B Laes
Date: 09 Sep 1999


Phenomena. Vladimir Chikov wrote: "Thenceforth, at discrete moments, Fuchs was asked questions or requested to provide papers that would cover material previously provided by Perseus. When [Fuchs] moved to Los Alamos in 1944, he assumed an ideal position to duplicate the efforts of the No. 1 spy [Perseus] already on the scene. Thus it may be said that Soviet intelligence had a pair of Dopplelganger at the Los Alamos site. And they were not alone."

Discussion. A faithful paraphrase of the phenomena is: "When Fuchs moved to Los Alamos in 1944 he was in an ideal position to verify material previously provided by Perseus. The 'pair of doppleganger' at Los Alamos was Perseus and Fuchs." Fuchs arrived at Los Alamos in July 1944.

Bombshell's position is that the only reality behind the Perseus legend is the spying of Ted Hall (Mlad). Although he arrived at Los Alamos in January 1944, Hall didn't begin his spying activities until his leave and visit to New York in October 1944. Logically then, Fuchs, who was already a Soviet agent, could not be used to double check material from Hall, who was not yet an agent.

Thus we are presented with a plain choice - chalk this inconsistency up to disinformation crafted by Vladimir Chikov, or view it as a plausible 'fly in the Perseus Myth ointment.' If you opt for disinformation then you buy into the premise that the whole concoction of a 1942 Fielding recruitment, a 1943 Perseus early-bird at Los Alamos, the chronology misdirection above, etc., are all executed just for the protection of Ted Hall (of whose future Venona outing it is doubtful Chikov had the least anticipation).

Our position is that if the Fielding-Perseus-Cohen story is pure disinformation it is unnecessary overkill that only invites skepticism. The contrary makes more sense: The basic elements of the Perseus story are factual, are contained in the Enormous file (the identity of Fielding excepted), and are fairly but restrictively told by Chikov in accordance with the public relations purpose of his FSR employer. Thus we would argue that 'Ted Hall' is subsumed in Chikov's ending sentence, "And they were not alone," as opposed to his being the predicate of a Perseus Myth theory.

Conclusion. Doppelganger struck us as a curious and perhaps inapt word for Chikov to use. The dictionary definition we found was, "the supposed ghost of a living person," from the German 'double goer.' We guess Chikov's meaning was that Perseus and Fuchs 'ghosted' one another. But doppelganger's strict definition and its connotation of 'a stand in' or 'surrogate' put us more in mind of the strategy articulated by Sudoplatov for coping with the intense security surrounding Oppenheimer, Fermi and Szilard: "...these unidentified young moles were junior scientists or administrators who copied vital documents to which they were allowed access by Oppenheimer, Fermi and Szilard, who were knowingly part of the scheme" (Special Tasks, page 192). This would go to our derivative Theory of Fielding expressed in previous sets: Perseus was Oppenheimer's doppelganger.

Sources. Comment Staline A Vole La Bombe Atomique Aux Americains, Vladimir Chikov and Gary Kern Bombshell, Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel Special Tasks, Pavel and Anatoli Sudoplatov with Jerrold and Leona Schecter

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