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Re: Theory of Fielding - Set V - Implosion and Uranium Hydride

From: Materials of interest
Date: 26 Sep 1999


A few considerations:

1. If I am not mistaken, Kurchatov used the phrase "materials of interest" or "materials of great interest" two or three times in the documents released by the SVR and translated in the Sudoplatov book. He might have used it in documents we don't have.

2. Not all the Soviet cables or radio transmissions were intercepted by Arlington Hall, so we have only a partial record of the the materials provided to Kurchatov. Recall that Yakov Terletsky worked with the atomic materials provided by foreign agents prior to contacting Niels Bohr late in 1945. He recalled in his 1993 interview that these materials consisted of 10,000 pages--probably from all sources around the world.

3. Anatoly Yatskov stated that the Soviet rezidentura had five sources inside Los Alamos. We know three: Hall, Fuchs and Greenglass. The spies code-named KVANT and PERS dealt with atomic espionage, but the first (Pontecorvo) was not inside Los Alamos, and the second (still unknown) may have worked at Oak Ridge. So there are two spies in Los Alamos waiting to be named. (For Yatskov statement, look again at my post for November 1998: "Countdown of Spies.")

The upshot of these considerations is that it is entirely possible that Kurchatov had another source besides Fuchs and Hall for his "materials of great interest."

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