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The Secret Story of America's
Unknown Atomic Spy Conspiracy

The Authors' Archives

ATTENTION: AOL Users and Non_Java enabled Users Only...

To gain access to the Authors' Archives,  using your browser, do the following:

In the field at the top of the browser display for entering specific web addresses, please enter the following web address exactly as noted: replacing the filename.html with the password clue from the previous page.

As an example: if the password is atomic the webaddress would be

Press <Enter> and the list of archive files will be displayed.

The current password clue is: The Last name of U.S. diplomat who in 1967 tried to interest Moscow in releasing seven captured U.S. pilots in exchange for Morris and Lona Cohen - answer on page 260).

NOTE: The Password is case-sensitive -- so it is important that you enter the Password exactly as you find it  printed in the book.  

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