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The Secret Story of America's
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The Bombshell Atomic Espionage WebSite is making available for FTP downloads a series of documents gathered by the authors from the files of the KGB and other Russian sources, the FBI, the Los Alamos Laboratory, and families and friends of former spies.


To gain access to the Authors' Archives, you will need a Password. The Password will be a certain word or phrase from a specific page of BOMBSHELL that will be mentioned here in the Bombshell Atomic Espionage WebSite.

Please note that the Password is case-sensitive -- so it is important that you enter the Password exactly as you find it  printed in the book.


To access these documents your Password will be:

Last name of U.S. diplomat who in 1967
tried to interest Moscow in releasing seven
captured U.S. pilots in exchange for
Morris and Lona Cohen.

(See BOMBSHELL. page 260)

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The first document offered for download addressed the mystery of  why Theodore Hall and Saville Sax were never arrested.  It is the 22-page declassified report by FBI agent, Robert McQueen, on the FBI's simultaneous interrogations of Hall and Sax at the Chicago FBI office in March, 1951.

The second document offered for download was a transcript of the authors' tape recording of the VIDEOTAPED DEBRIEFING OF KGB AGENT MORRIS COHEN as shown to the authors of BOMBSHELL by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service on July 15, 1995.

The third file contains two documents: This author's copyrighted translation from Russian of memorandum dated March 16, 1945, signed "Kurchatov" (Igor Kurchatov, who was then chief scientist in charge of the nascent Soviet atomic bomb research project) ... and This authors' copywrited translation from Russian of  memorandum dated July 6, 1945, reporting to the top Soviet intelligence leadership about the receipt of information about the  design and timing of the American atomic bomb from two sources -- Mlad (now known as Theodore Hall) and Charl'z (now known as Klaus Fuchs).

The fourth document for download contains KGB Colonel Vladimir Barkovsky's notes for his confidential lecture on Soviet World War II atomic espionage, delivered to American military intelligence and atomic weapons officials at the Los Alamos Laboratory, November, 1994. (TO CITE: Barkovsky notes, published here for the first time courtesy of Colonel Vladimir Barkovsky, are copyrighted by the authors. If cited or footnoted, they should be credited to the website,, as well as Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel, authors of "Bombshell" (Times Books, 1997).

The fifth document for download ... "You have given proof of a sound scientific background..." --  J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1945 letter of recommendation for Technical Sergeant Theodore Hall.
(TO CITE: The Oppenheimer letter, published here for the first time is copyrighted by the authors and is published courtesy of Theodore Hall. If cited or footnoted, it should be credited to the website,, as well as Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel, authors of "Bombshell". Times Books, 1997).

The sixth document for download contains Theodore Hall's 1946 Los Alamos research with Edward Teller and Frederic de Hoffman on the irradition of hydrogen in a cyclotron. (LAMS report 346, declassified by Los Alamos Laboratory in 1996).

The seventh document for download is a Feb. 20, 1945 memo urging Oppenheimer to give Theodore Hall new responsibilities on implosion testing. (Los Alamos archives Feb. 20, 1945)

The eighth and final  document for download ...   A letter from convicted Soviet agent Morris Cohen (cover name "Peter") to Nora and Frank Doel, May 5, 1967. Doel was Cohen's former colleague in the London rare book business. (From the authors' collection).

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