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The Secret Story of America's
Unknown Atomic Spy Conspiracy

Meet The Authors
Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel

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Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel recently completed a four-year assignment as the Moscow correspondents for the Cox Newspapers.  The husband-and-wife team are also co-authors of the 1991 book, Their Promised Land, a history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as lived by generations of a Jewish and an Arab family.  They currently live in Washington, D. C.

Joseph Albright

Since Joining Cox Newspapers in 1976, Joe Albright has covered Washington and was stationed in Rome as chief foreign correspondent. He covered the Gulf war in 1990-91 and has reported from more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  He has won major U. S. journalistic prizes, including the Overseas Press Club Award, the Headliners Award, the Sigma Delta Chi Award and the Raymond Clapper Award.

Based in Moscow from 1993-1997, he covered developments ranging from the shelling of the Russian White House, to the war in Chechnya, to the environmental disaster of the disappearing Aral Sea. Albright has also worked for the Chicago Sun-Times, Newsday and the Denver Post.

In addition to BOMBSHELL and Their Promised Land, Albright also authored What Makes Spiro Run, a 1972 biography of Vice President Spiro Agnew.  In 1971-72, he was a legislative assistant to Sen. Edmund Muskie.  Albright is a history graduate if Williams College in Massachusetts.


Marcia A. Kunstel

As a foreign correspondent based in Rome and a diplomatic correspondent based in Washington, D.C., Marcia Kunstel has covered stories including the 1990-91 Gulf War from Baghdad, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt. In early 1990, she spent six weeks reporting on changes in South Africa including the release of Nelson Mandela.  From 1993-1997, she chronicled the sweep of change in the former Soviet Union from the bloody street insurrection to the advent of Americans mining gold in the isolated Far North tundra.  She worked for the Cox Newspapers' Washington Bureau from 1987, before becoming the Moscow bureau chief in 1993.

As a freelance foreign correspondent from 1983-1987, Kunstel reported for publications including Newsday, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Dallas Morning News and The Miami Herald. Based in Italy, she covered wars in Lebanon and Chad, rebellions in the Sudan and Afghanistan, and the U. S. bombing of Libya. An award-winning journalist, Kunstel was awarded the Overseas Press Club Award for foreign reporting in 1988, and the Headliner Award for foreign reporting in 1991.

A graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, Kunstel has also worked for the Atlanta Constitution, the Montgomery Advertiser and the Hartford Times.


The Authors' Previous Work

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Arab and Jew in History's Cauldron --
One Valley in the Jerusalem Hills

By: Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright

Published by Crown Publishers, Inc.
September, 1990


Reviews and Comments

This review was printed in a special section of Newsweek, Feb. 18, 1991, pp 61-2. It was a collection of books on the Middle East that Newsweek recommended for readers who might want more background on the region while the Gulf War was raging. The following was part of the Newsweek introduction to the reviews: "Herewith, a reader's guide to the Middle East culled from recommendations by journalists and academics."  

About Their Promised Land, they said:  "Of the many, many books on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, Their Promised Land, by Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright (Crown, $19.95), stands out for its thoughtfulness, its fairness and its excellent story. These two journalists examine life in a single valley of the Jerusalem hills, where villages can be traced back to Biblical times and where both Jews and Arabs were settled by the end of the 19th century. Zeroing in on one area and the families who still call it home, tracing those families through the years of Jewish settlement, war and the Palestinian diaspora, the authors give us history in that rare and memorable form -- real life."

The following review ran in The Washington Post on Dec. 11, 1990. It was written by Kathleen Christison, who was identified as a former Middle East political analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency. She said in part: "

'Their Promised Land',  a brief encapsulation of the millennia-long history of the Sorek Valley just west of Jerusalem, corrects the imbalance. Journalists Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright carefully do not choose sides; they look at the issue unemotionally from both perspectives, treating the continuous Palestinian and the interrupted Jewish history in Palestine up to the present...Its smooth, often elegant prose and the clever interweaving of historical background with the human story make it pleasurable reading indeed.

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